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Since 2005, Albrektson & Wakild, LLC has been assisting people who would like to see a portion of their retirement portfolio earn an above-average interest rate with very limited downside risk. The vehicle through which we do this is called an "ad-valorem tax lien". These liens are issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and carry a 12% annual interest rate. The liens are attached to specific real estate and have the highest priority of any lien, even higher than a mortgage.  

Kentucky tax liens have proven over the years to be an extremely safe investment that returns a high interest rate with very limited risk.

We will assist you in purchasing a portfolio of liens, manage them over time and take all needed legal steps to see they are properly collected.

Due to the high demand for these liens we must limit purchases to a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $200,000.

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss this in further detail should you have any interest. Please give us a call at 502-243-8493 or email us at awlaw777@gmail.com.

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